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Customers are required to pay a minimum of 25% cash deposit of the purchase price at the time of placing an order, which should be placed at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of collection. The balance of the purchase price shall be payable in full not later than seven (7) days prior to the date of collection. Hybrid Poultry Farm Zambia Limited (Hybrid) reserves the right to reduce or cancel an order in the event of failure to comply with the payment terms.

All Hybrid Prices are Ex-Hybrid Sales Outlet. For the avoidance of doubt, these are prices communicated to the Customer at the point of placing the order. Any additional costs will be fully borne by the Customer. Upon cancellation of any Orders by a Customer from the date of order within three (3) weeks or less of setting the Hatching Eggs for production, Hybrid shall reserve the right to offset the cost of unsold chicks against the Customers deposit, and pursue the Customer for any balance outstanding thereto.

All orders are subject to stock being available. Hybrid accepts no responsibility for non-delivery or late delivery caused by reasons beyond the managements control including, but not limited to, product availability due to technical egg hatching issues, acts of God, strikes, labour disputes, embargoes, government orders, accidents, floods, fires, wars or riots.

Cardboard boxes in which Day-Old Chicks are dispatched become the property of the Customer and are non-returnable, while plastic chick crates will remain the property of Hybrid, and must be returned to Hybrid immediately on return of the delivery vehicle.

Day-Old Chicks and, all Hybrid Products are supplied at the customers risk, and Hybrid takes no responsibility for any loss occasioned by death for any reason or poor performance due to unsuitable handling of chicks by the customer, either at the point of collection or post collection, or due to unsuitable rearing of the chicks or from any cause whatsoever, once the
chicks have left Hybrids premises.

Subject to an express agreement as to the sex of the Day-Old Chicks ordered, Hybrids liability for any loss due to inaccurate sexing of Day-Old Chicks is limited to the difference in price between cockerels and pullets at the time of original purchase.

The provisions of Section 14 of the Sale of Goods Act are excluded, and while Hybrid shall make every effort to supply highest quality stock, Day-Old Chicks and all other products supplied by the company are sold on an as is basis, without warranty as to the health of the chicks or with respect to other products for any latent or patent defects, and without any guarantee whatsoever.

No responsibility and liability is accepted by Hybrid for any loss or damage arising from advice given by the seller or their servants or agents. Hybrid Poultry Farm Ltd shall not be liable vicariously or otherwise for the wilful neglect, misrepresentation, injurious act, theft, fraud or any criminal conduct in a Hybrid Poultry Farm Agents dealings with the customer or
defects whatsoever in the chicks or death of the chicks thereof that arise as a result of agents default.

Hybrid reserves the right to revise its prices. Any revision in price will be communicated to the customer before being effected. The revised price shall be applicable at the time of delivery.