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Laying period: 18 to 80 weeks



Production (62 weeks): 330 eggs per hen



Quality bird with quality eggs in record time


Infrared Beak Treatment

Stress-free layers, higher yields.

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Hybrid Poultry commercial layers are reared for egg production, and are high producers with a longer production period and high peak production. The birds have high liveability owing to a high level of immunity. The egg shells are strong and brown and have a longer shelf-life. The Hybrid Poultry layers have the following qualities:

  • Liveability > 93.2%
  • Point of lay  18 weeks
  • Laying period  18 to 90 weeks
  • Production(72 weeks) 415 eggs per hen.
  • Peak production percentage > 96%
  • Feed conversion ratio  6 eggs/kg
  • Body weight at 80 weeks > 2kg
  • All our layer come debeaked.

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Reception at the Hybrid Poultry farm lab