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Technical Support

At Hybrid Poultry Farm, we are committed to providing sound technical assistance to poultry farmers.We provide appropriate advice on bird housing, husbandry and health management.The information we share is based on actual flock performance results obtained under good environmental and management conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa.Our recommendations are also based on current scientific knowledge and practical experience around the world.

The programmes we offer are suggestions and should be modified according to the individual farmers needs. The information they contain does not constitute a guarantee or warranty of performance, but should instead be regarded as ideal performance objectives.Our Technical team is available to assist in determining the appropriate poultry management programme for individual farmers needs.

Poultry Centres Near Me

Stop by any Hybrid Poultry Centre for day old chicks, specialized technical and lab assistance or a quick consult with one of our vets.

Learning Hub
Our commitment to customer success drive us to provide tools and resources necessary for your poultry business to achieve profitability