Hybrid Poultry Farm was established in 1961 and was primarily a breeding company but has evolved to become a strong integrated poultry business able to meet much of Zambia’s demand for chicken products. Significant achievements include complete traceability of its products (Farm2Fork) and its empowerment of the many farmers participating in its out-grower scheme.

The company’s Head Office is located in Chamba Valley, Lusaka with a Copperbelt branch operating in Kitwe to cover the growing demand in the Northern Provinces. It owns a number of breeder and broiler farms located in bio-secure locations at Kabwe, Chisamba, Kitwe and Lusaka. To service the demands of the company and its Day Old Chick customers it owns and manages two commercial hatcheries, one in Lusaka and one in Kitwe, thus offering the freshest Day Old Chicks to all areas of Zambia.

After half a century of chicken production in Zambia the company is extremely proud of the unparalleled depth of experience that its employees are able to offer customers.


Chicken of Choice


To efficiently deliver the chicken of choice in every market in the region, exceeding customer expectations of product quality and service time after time.


Our success depends on our people living these behaviours in every aspect of our business.

We Are Focused on Efficiency

  • To be the lowest cost producer, invest in the best practice and technology.
  • Innovation, creativity and passion in everything we do.
  • Be rigorous about eliminating waste waste – Kaizen.
  • Eliminate bureaucracy.

We Work As A team

  • Understand that the collective strength of our team puts our business at the forefront of the development of the poultry industry.
  • Pro-actively seek opportunities for enhancing team and organisational performance.
  • Value our colleagues as our strongest asset and go out of our way to help them.
  • Seek, recruit and retain those with our business goals at heart.
  • Train and develop relentlessly.

We Actively Engage Our Customers

  • Never let profit centre conflicts get in the way of doing what’s right for the customer, always look for ways to make it easier to do business with us, always look for ways to make it easier to do business with us.
  • We give our customers a fair deal, and we thank them for their business.
  • Communicate frequently with our customers.
  • If they are talking to us, they cannot be talking to our competitor.
  • Empower our customers to develop and grow successful businesses by delivering products of value – their successes will be our successes.
  • We place long-term relationships before short term gain.

We Never Compromise On Product Quality and Service

  • Our quality is underpinned by our absolute certainty of traceability and bio-safe standards – from Farm to Fork.
  • Seek and escalate customer feedback.
  • Improving Product and Service quality.

We Live Our Brand Promise

  • We are the chicken enthusiasts, we are the chicken of choice.
  • We protect and strengthen our brand.
  • Our passion for chicken drives brand leadership.

We Take Our Brand Responsibilities Very Seriously

  • Every customer, every colleague, every time, no exceptions, no excuses.
  • Responsibilities to our environment and the principles of sustainability.
  • Commitments made to our customers, colleagues and business partners.
  • “If it is my job, I am prepared to stand up and be counted.”