Our Promise to you

Farm 2 Fork is our promise to our customers that we will not compromise on quality; from when the egg is hatched until you have quality meat for consumption. It also signals that Hybrid is at the forefront of the global food traceability movement. Every egg we hatch every chicken we raise and every cut of meat we process is traceable.

1. Grand Parent

Hybrid Poultry Farm has a broiler Grand Parent stock farm, where chicken is reared on a highly isolated bio-secure facility with a parent hatchery. This facility has been rated top 4 in the world in terms of its setup and its bio-security.

2. Parent Stock

A Total Quality Management (TQM) approach is strictly adhered to in the breeder farms. Proper vaccination of all the breeder flocks is strictly observed with blood testing done both locally and internationally and a very thorough breed management program followed. The Vaccination program targets not only the protection of the Parent Flock but also of the Day-Old Chicks. The maternal antibodies are passed on to the Day-Old Chicks, which raises the level of disease resistance.

3. Hatchery

To be able to serve our chosen markets effectively, Hybrid has two commercial hatcheries and one Parent Stock Hatchery. International Hatchery Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs) are in place and are adhered to. Sample chicks are picked at random from the hatches and sent to both local and international Laboratories to ensure only the highest quality chicks are sold to the market .

4. Day Old Chicks

Quality chicks, some say, start with a quality egg, while others insist it starts with the the Parent Stock. Hybrid Poultry Farm knows that for a quality chick, one must be willing to go the extra mile, that’s why we start with the Grand Parent Stock, to ensure the chick is of the highest quality and accustomed to the region’s environment and climate. Hybrid Day Old Chicks get the necessary vaccination before leaving the hatchery and the layer day old chicks undergo layer debeaking.