Community Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hybrid Poultry supports some specific charitable organizations through its ‘Pamodzi Projects’ program and is committed to helping those in need through its chosen charities.

Kasisi Children’s Home
Staff HIV/AIDS Awareness Program
logo-afya-mzuriHybrid Poultry proudly offers HIV/AIDS guidance and education to all staff members through its partnership with Afya Mzuri, a local NGO specializing in health awareness.



JSC Footsteps


Hybrid Poultry Farm has recently started supporting JSC Footsteps charitable organization for the sponsorship of students within schools in Lusaka.

The company sponsor 12 pupils for 2 years tuition fees for gifted students of ‘in need’ parents. Very often the students have lost a parent or are orphans and Hybrid Poultry Farm are delighted to offer these students the chance to succeed in their academic ambitions.

Below are some of sponsorship students:

Boy1 JSC


Name: Kennedy Mulenga
Age : 13 years old
Grade: 5
School: Kalingalinga Primary School
Description: Lives in Kalingalinga with his mother who has a small business of selling potatoes. His father died, leaving him and 3 sisters behind.
Favorite subject: Math and English
Future Career Plan: Pilot



Girl1 JSCName: Adess Miti

Age: 13 years old
Grade: 7
School: Kabulonga Basic School
Description: Lives in Mutendere East with her mother and father. Her mother is a maid and her father is unemployed. She has 6 siblings.
Favorite subject: English
Future Career Plan: Lawyer